Earn Titles and Certificates While Training Your Dog!


Did you know that MJ's Pet Training Academy is also the home of Positive Groomer ™? 

Through Positive Groomer's International Titling Program pet owners are now able to earn official titles for all of their hard work. Training your dog or cat for grooming and vet care is important for their well-being, comfort, and safety. Working towards titles will give you clearly defined goals to work towards while training. A certificate will be mailed to you upon completion. You will also be able to add the title to your dog's name!

If you ever wanted to earn titles and awards with your dog even if you don't have the desire to travel and compete, you can now do it on your own time! Special awards are also given for high ranking pets. 

To earn this title on your own, at home, simply complete enough tasks and submit your application online or by mail

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Learn more at Positivegroomer.com!