Dog Walking and In-home Workouts

What if your dog could be getting trained while you are at work? We know that leaving your dog home while you are away is never easy and traditional dog day care is not for every dog. The Pet Enrichment Team at MJ’s offers in home visits, walking and training tailored to your dog's needs. Your dog will enjoy individual or semi-individual walks by a caring and skilled professional along with enrichment and training to meet your requests. We use safety harnesses attached to no-slip collars so your dog will never be pulling on their sensitive necks during walks. All of our programs are customized for the best results. MJ’s Pet Training Academy, LLC is fully insured and bonded.

During your dog's walks, we work on putting an end to leash pulling and teaching your dog to be polite on the leash!


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Workouts and Training $25.00+

Want to come home from work to a tired and happy dog that has had exercise, training, and enrichment while you were away? We want to give you one less thing to worry about after a long day and help your dog be on the fast track to training success. When you hire an MJ’s Enrichment Specialist, you get much more than a dog walker. We create customized plans for every pet which might include a walk or jog, parkour, fitness, basic obedience practice, enrichment games, and more. Your dog will get lots of love and a tailored workout. You will get peace of mind, and a full report so you know what your dog is up to while you are away. A basic walk and training workout is 30 minutes.

Out and About Day School $40.00+

A customized training and workout program where your dog will get real life practice, exercise, socialization and a lot of attention. 

Party Attendant Pricing Varies

Having a party and not sure what to do with your pet? Why lock them out or send them away if they enjoy being around the crowd? Instead, an MJ’s team member can be your dog’s personal assistant making sure they keep out of trouble, don’t escape, or have any embarrassing accidents during the event. Never thought of hiring a party attendant for your pet? Once you have one you probably won’t want to plan another party without one!

In-Home Mini Spa Pricing Varies

If your pet needs a nail trim, brush up or some light styling, we are more than happy to add it on to other in-home services, or book it at a separate time.

Other Services

Need us to clean the rabbit enclosure, trim the cat's nails, or feed the fish? If there is something else we can do for you while we are caring for your pet, just let us know and we will work it into your plan.