Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?

A: We usually will give 3 hours from time of drop-off, but are always willing to work with you to best accommodate your schedule. Three hours allows enough time for your dog to receive a relaxing bath, fluff dry, groom, and a play break. If your dog is done earlier we will always give you a call. In some cases specialty cuts, or dogs that have special concerns might take longer. 

Q: Do you use drying cages?

A: We do not use drying cages at MJ's. Our pets are lovingly and patiently "fluff dried," meaning that we individually dry each pet while brushing them at the same time, resulting in a happy, fluffy pet!

Q: Can you cut my cats/rabbit's nails?

A: Of course! We love all critters. We can do nail trims, brush outs, spot cleaning, along with attention to ears and sanitary areas for your small pet. Please call us for a special small animal appointment or message us!

Q: Do You Take Walk Ins?

A: Full service grooming does require an appointment to ensure each pet receives individual care, but we do provide walk in nail trims and pad treatments.