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MJ'S Founder


Melissa Viera opened MJ’s Pet Training Academy in the spring of 2013 to provide people and animals with a positive and friendly place where they could learn and have fun. Helping pets and people, and making a difference in the pet care industry is what Melissa is most dedicated to. MJ’s provides training, grooming and enrichment to pets all over the SouthCoast and surrounding areas. 

Growing up, Melissa spent her free time training and showing her dogs, performing demos of tricks and freestyle, raising rabbits, and grooming all of the family dogs. She attended Bristol County Agricultural High School, where she studied Small Animal Science and was involved in FFA canine showmanship and grooming competitions. After high school, she went on to earn her Diploma in Dog Obedience Instruction, and become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. 

Melissa always strives to go above and beyond for those she works with. Along with being the owner of MJ’s, she is also the founder of Positive Groomer, and she writes for pet industry magazines along with teaching seminars and workshops. 

She hopes to reach and inspire as many pet owners as she can so they too can enjoy the benefits of training and bonding with their pets.  Melissa is passionate about training, Positive Grooming, and the pet grooming industry.  She strives to make a difference within the industry. She also enjoys volunteering with her therapy rabbit, Viktor, and performing tricks dog shows at the local assisted living and nursing homes.

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Our Team


What do you know about the team that cares for your pets at MJ’s? I want to tell you a little more about them and say thanks for all that they do.

Even on the most beautiful days, the MJ’s team can be found working hard. What you don't know is that for each and every one of us, this is more than just a job. We all bring something different to MJ’s. When we are working we are also having conversations about our industry and about how we can contribute and make a difference in the lives of animals and people.

Together we work hard to find positive solutions. We always do our best work. We do everything and anything to make the animals in our care feel comfortable. 

When we are not working we are still following our passions. Cheryl is currently working hard with her studies in canine behavior. Sam is always working on honing her skills and she comes to work excited to share news about trending styles and creative ideas for grooming that she has discovered.

We all share a passion for positive solutions.  We make time to bond with the animals and work on training like teaching them to offer paws for nail trims or climb into the tub with a wagging tail and confidence. We will never be anything but positive.

We all invest a lot in becoming the best we can be. All of us care deeply about your animals and all animals. I know I am in good company when employees come in and ask, “how can we make time to donate to good causes, how can we find dogs for grooming competitions, how can we reach puppy owners to help them before problems start, and how can we get our messages out there?”

I want to thank  our amazing team and also thank you for supporting us and joining us on our positive mission.  Let’s keep on growing, learning, educating and doing our part to give back in whatever way we can.  Together we are your positive team. I couldn't be more proud.