Grooming with a POSITIVE Approach


Dog and cat grooming you can feel good about. 

We provide all breed grooming and styling for dogs and cats with a positive approach. If you are looking for a groomer who will work with your pet to provide them with a positive experince, we would love to talk more. We do not use force in grooming. Grooming should be gentle and fear-free for pets! 

Ask about breed standard trims, asian-fusion, personality styles or tell us exactly what you are looking for! 

The comfort of the animals always comes first at MJ's with our personalized care. 


Regular grooming is on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but we have other days available for grooming as well. Book online or request the next opening. Only some of our available appointments are available for online booking so if you need something sooner, just let us know!



Grooming Services 


Bubble Bath Package

Included in the Bubble Bath Package is a nail trim and buff, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and a luxury bath and conditioning along with fluff or de-shed drying of the coat. You pet will love the massaging scrub from head to tail.

Grooming Packages

Your pet will enjoy everything included with the Bubble Bath Package, plus trimming, styling and clipping. Our groomers are happy to provide breed standard trims, clean clips, show coat conditioning, personality trims, and Asian fusion styling. Not sure which style is best for your pet? We are more than happy to choose a style for you as well.

Spa Services

In addition to our grooming and bathing services give your pet something extra with our spa services.

Dead Sea Mineral Scrub

Arthritis and Muscle Soak

Paw Treatment and Paw Balm

Flea and Tick Bath

Blueberry Body Scrub and Massage

Blueberry Facial


A day at the groomers is not complete without some fun and play. Bring some of your dog’s favorite treats and we will be sure to play with them on the obstacles, give them an enrichment puzzle or play another game to make their visit extra special. 

Private Grooming

Private grooming is available for pet's that have special needs or just need some one-on-one time. These appointments are very limited and should be booked ahead for every season. Please call to inquire about private options.


Twice a month, we run a  bath special and donate 10% to organizations and charities making a difference in the lives of pets and people.

Starting June 1st 2018 DWW will only be held twice monthly instead of every Wednesday and we will be donating a portion to charities and organizations. Follow our social media pages to find out which charity we will choose each month.

We are the groomers for you if you believe in positive pet care and you are willing to work with your pet in order for them to enjoy grooming in a stress-free way.