Life Skills for Today’s Dogs

MJ's Skills Courses

It’s not always easy to know where to start when it comes to training your dog or puppy. You want a dog that is well behaved both at home and out and about. You want your dog to be polite and calm with people and other dogs and to listen in all situations. We know how important these goals are for you and for your dog. A well trained dog can live a happy and enriched life enjoying socialization and adventures.

We have a system to help you achieve these goals and simplify training so that you and your dog are having fun and building a working relationship while working on life skills.

Our Open Enrollment MJ’s Skills Classes cover a variety of topics from life skills to tricks and games (jobs for your dog) to work your dog’s brain. You will work on your training and communication skills and your dog will practice manners and life skills.

Each level consists of 6 classes. The first level also includes a free training seminar to introduce you to MJ’s training methods.

MJ's Skills Course are not for reactive dogs or dogs with aggression or other beahvioral problems. For behavior modification, private training programs are available on a case by case basis. 

Courses are taught by MJ's Trainers! 

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November 27th at 7:00pm.

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