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Host a custom workshop at your next event!


 Through private training we can help you with obedience, problem-solving, manners, and even tricks and sports. Whether you want to learn how to raise your new puppy, train your dog to listen better or teach complex tricks and behaviors, we are here to help.  

We work with dogs of all breeds and personalities. We have helped many dogs overcome issues such as anxiety, fearfulness, leash-reactivity, noise sensitivities and more.  Read more about training packages and talk with a trainer to get started. 



Group practice sessions at MJ's Pet Training Academy are a great way to work on distraction work and proofing. We offer classes in pet manners, obedience, scent work, tricks and more.  All new students must earn a Foundations credit to participate in drop-in classes. Get started with a Foundations Course or private training and start training with a group of motivated and positive pet owners at MJ's!



We host a variety of workshops and custom courses for both pet owners, professional trainers, and professional groomers. All of our workshops have unique prerequisite requirements, duration, and fees. 

Custom workshops must be reserved anywhere from 3 to 12 months in  advance depending on the location and attendance.

For Property Managers

Help your residents keep their dogs under control and happy and healthy by providing an educational workshop on training and enrichment for dogs living in apartments. Prevent destructive behaviors, dog reactivity and boredom for city dogs!

For Dog Daycares and Groomers

Design a custom workshop for your staff and clients on positive pet care and grooming. We want to share our training methods with businesses that share our passion for positive pet care.

For Events

Host a trick training, grooming or pet training presentation.


 Provide a "job" for your dog

We believe every dog should have a job. When dogs have a job and a purpose, negative behavior starts to decrease. Every dog and every family is unique. Training just for the purpose of training might feel like a chore, but wouldn't it be fun to teach your dog to retrieve your keys, find hidden items, be a partner to the kids while they do their homework, or get the mail?

In addition to training the basics, if you would like to learn more about jobs that are right for your dog, download our brochure!