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Now is the time to teach your puppy manners and obedience as well as help your puppy adjust to things like grooming and introduce your puppy to other people and pets in a positive way.

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Puppy Skills Level One (Ongoing)

This is an ongoing class for puppies that have completed Puppy Training Foundations Training and are 8 months of age or under. Puppies are moved up to "Skills Level One for dogs"  when they reach the age limit.

Held Tuesdays at 7:15-8:05 PM

Ten Class Pass Price $220.00

Our Puppy Skills class is designed for puppies that have completed Puppy Training Foundations. This ongoing class is an excellent way for you and your puppy to further build on the skills you learned in the foundations training while learning new skills. Our skills classes are unique because they combine multiple areas of training including obedience and manners, tricks and enrichment and grooming and handling. We want to give your puppy a mental workout while training both real-life skills and fun games. Give your puppy a job and take your training to the next level with skills classes.