MJ's Skills Training Excellence Level One

The MJ's Skills Training Excellence Challenge is free for all to participate in. You do not have to be a student to train and work through the skills.

These skills are designed to help you and your dog explore different areas of training. Some skills will be useful for real life, grooming or obedience, while others will help with trick training and sports.

Give your dog a job and become a skilled trainer as you work through the skills.

Rules for Level One Skills Training Excellence (MJ's Skills Training Level One MJST1)


MJ's Trainer Assessed

Award: Trainer Assessed Certificate, bandanna and web listing, plus points towards store items.

Requirements: Be able to demonstrate a minimum of 30 Level One skills, with at least half of the skills being witnessed by an MJ's Trainer.

Self Assessed

Award: Web listing, option to order a Self-Assessed Certificate and bandanna, plus points towards store items

Requirements: Be able to demonstrate a minimum of 30 Level One skills. Skills can be self-assessed.

General Rules

The purpose of skills training is to train a variety of skills. In order to check off a skill as demonstrated, it should meet the following requirements:

The skill can be demonstrated on cue without using treat lures or heavy guidance. 

In addition, only positive training techniques should be used. Please train each skill to the best of your ability. Skills should be clean and precise. For support and instructions, join our group

Please include the name of your trainer and any training mentors when submitting your skills. To submit, download the printable version. Initial and date each skill (for trainer assessed skills, your trainer should initial each skill witnessed) and email your completed list to info@mjspettrainingacademy.com. 

Level One Skills List

  1. Sit Until Released for 30 Seconds___

  2. Down Until Released for 30 Seconds___

  3. Sit or Down While Handler Walks Around Dog in Either Direction___

  4. Food Leave-it with Food 2ft from Dog and Handler 6ft from Food___

  5. Get Dressed (Demonstrate putting three items on dog including a harness, collar, and either a basket muzzle or cone)___

  6. Loose Leash Walking with Two Halts, Two Turns, and a Stop and Down ___

  7. Sette While Owner Sits in Chair___

  8. Paws Up and Pivot Into Heel___

  9. Attention in Heel While Stationary in a Sit for 15 seconds___

  10. Call to Heel from a Sit Stay___

  11. Heel Five Steps Forward___

  12. Paws Up and Pivot Into Right___

  13. Attention in Right While Stationary____

  14. Call to Right from a Sit Stay____

  15. Right Five Steps Forward___

  16. Sit in Front with Attention for 15 Seconds___

  17. Move from Front to Heel with a Left Flip____

  18. Move from Front to Heel with an Around____

  19. Move from Front to Right with a Right Flip___

  20. Move from Front to Right with an Around___

  21. Move from Heel to Right and Right to Heel with any Transition___

  22. Come When Called While Relaxed___

  23. Come When Called into Front from a Sit Stay (may use different cue than above)___

  24. Hand Target___

  25. Dog Runs to a Target Placed 10 feet Away (May be a nose, paw, or body target)____

  26. Dog Does Sit and Down With Hand Signals Only___

  27. Spin Circle  Either Direction___

  28. Leg weave____

  29. Between Position With a Duration of 15 Seconds___

  30. Tug and Release on Cue___

  31. Food or Odor Search with 6 boxes (Scent Detection)___

  32. Backup From Any Position for 2 feet___

  33. Go into a crate on cue. Handler should close and latch the door and be able to walk out of sight while the dog remains calm___

  34. Demonstrate any five cued behaviors in a row. Handler may use their choice of behaviors___

  35. Demonstrate Handling of All Paws____

  36. Demonstrate Examining the Dog’s Teeth___

  37. Demonstrate Brushing the Dog with the Proper Brush___

  38. Demonstrate Applying Pressure to the Dog’s Nails with Fingers and Holding nail Clippers Near Each Paw___

  39. Demonstrate a Stand Stay and Have a Person Other than the Handler Exam the Dog Without them Moving from the Stand____

  40. Demonstrate The Use of One of These Items: tunnel, hoop, skateboard, platform, or any agility obstacle. The obstacle must be safe and properly used___

  41. Demonstrate Using The Environment to Train and or Give Your Dog Exercise. Aim to Use Three Different Behaviors (Parkour)___