Registration and Title Beginner Groomer and Vet Skills


Registration and Title Beginner Groomer and Vet Skills


Earn your pet's BGVS Title and register for the international rankings!

Send in your marks from your complete application which can be found here to submit your title online. 

The Positive Groomer Titling Program offers three levels of titles. After earning each title by completing tasks, pet's are awarded a certificate, added to an online hall of fame, and earn points towards rankings and special awards. 

The best part about our titling program? You will be having fun training your dog important life skills!

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The Positive Groomer Titling Program offers three levels of titles for pets. For each title successfully completed, the pet is awarded a certificate, use of the official title added on to their names, and a place in our hall of fame of title holders (optional). During live competitions, additional awards may be offered by the individual club or organization. 

The majority of tasks that pets must demonstrate are ones that will be useful in real life specifically for grooming and vet care. By learning these tasks pets can gain confidence, learn good manners, and become wonderful companions. Pet owners will take their training skills to new levels as they train their pets well enough to complete each task. 

Finally, pet owners are able to show off all of the hard work that is involved in training and raising pets. Trainers, groomers, veterinarians, and other pet care professionals can feel good knowing they have clients who have earned these titles. Fear-free grooming and vet care for every animal is the goal of this program. Can you imagine if every puppy was trained how to stand on a grooming table or do a voluntary blood draw? Positive Groomer is not just awarding titles, we are taking the fear and force out of routine pet care. 

Titles are awarded all of the world.  To register an animal, print and submit the BGVS Title below as successfully completing the first title also registers the animal each animal must be registered separately. 


Level One: Beginner Groomer and Vet Skills Title (BGVS)

The first title, BGVS, is the easiest of the three to earn. Any pet or large animal may participate, for example, dogs, rabbits, cats, and horses. When you submit your first title, you are also registering your animal which means you are eligible to earn special awards for rankings, and compete in live Master competitions and witnessing events. 

For the first title, you may train on your own and submit the application on your own. That means, you do not need a professional or a witness to verify that you completed the tasks. Read the instructions carefully and fill out the application appropriately. Upon successful review, your pet will be registered and earn their first title and certificate. This is the only title that can be done independently. The fee for the first title includes the registration fee of $7.00 and the title fee of $12.99 for a total of $19.99.