Reserve Your Training Package

MJ's offers a number of training packages which include a combination of classes, lessons, support and practice sessions. Request a call to talk with a trainer and reserve your custom training package or get started right away with a class that works for you.


New programs and offers coming soon!


Force free and food free?

Do you want to train your dog a few basics or take your training to a new level? I want to help you and your dog throughout all life stages and teach you how to have a controlled and happy dog even without a pocket full of cookies. You can train your dog in a positive way without the use of force and without always having food on you, but in order to train at this level, you must build a solid foundation. If you want to train at the next level, please let me know during our phone consultation because I will send you some advanced tools and help you get there. Not everyone wants to get to that level and dive into behavior. I am here to help you, in a way that works best for you and your goals. Let’s talk!