Heelwork Course Full Course


From Foundations to Proofing

Train your dog to heel with precision and enthusiasm. Whether for sports or for fun, your dog can learn to heel. In this course, you will learn how to start any dog with heelwork and how to move from the basics to advanced heelwork. All levels are welcome. We will take you from start to finish.

Train Your Dog

How to Find Heel Position

Attention in Heel Position

Pivots and Turns

Following Footwork

How to Heel Through Distractions

Automatic Sits

Moving Stand

Heel Backwards

How to Read Body Cues

Surprise Turns

How to Transition Between Tricks and Heel

Hoop Heeling

Practice Your Skills


Hand Position

Marking and Rewarding

Turns and Halts

Transtioning Between Tricks and Heeling

Speed Changes

Overcoming Competiton Nervousness

Duration: 6 Weeks of Lessons Plus Bonus Material

Location: Online

Next Start Date: July 24th

Cost: $139.00