Handstand Training at Dog School

Written by Melissa Viera

When they are not curled up so innocently in your lap yorkie's are busy finding ways to burn off steam. These tiny dogs have big personalities. Bold and energetic, Yorkshire Terriers were originally used to hunt rats. Now-a-days Yorkshire Terriers are popular pets, and have the job of melting hearts.

Meet Ben

Ben needed some activities to keep him busy, and he found just the place. His training started with the basics. He learned to heel politely, go to his mat when the mail truck pulled up, stay, come, and all of the other essentials. Next it was time to have fun with tricks! 

Currently Ben is learning to do back foot targeting. I used a cabinet liner as a target, and began by getting him to simply back up onto it to earn his click and reward. The next step was to put the target higher so he would lift his back legs. I grabbed my camera and caught his very first session of working with the target raised up below. 

This trick teaches body awareness along with challenging and deepening the level of communication between trainer and animal.

We only do a few repetitions of this at a time, breaking it up with other behaviors in between.This is the foundation for training a full handstand. 

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