Digging Pit

Written by Melissa Viera

Sometimes we just have to sit back, and allow our dogs to get a little dirty. Digging is a natural behavior in dogs. If your dog enjoys digging why not provide them with the perfect digging pit?Giving your dog a place where they are allowed to dig will help with training them not to dig up the yard. Your dog will have a place of their own where they are not only allowed to dig, but encouraged to! 

Choose a small area of your yard where you will allow your dog to dig. You can line the area with stones or even small fencing. Another option is to purchase a children's sand box or small kiddie pool. Fill your dog's new digging pit with a mixture of dirt and sand. 

Finally bury a few of your dog's favorite things in the new digging pit including toys, and treats. Now it's time to sit back and watch your dog have a great time! Encourage and praise your dog for using the digging pit, and be sure to replace the hidden toys and treats often. If you happen to catch your dog digging in the yard where they are not allowed to dig you can redirect them to the digging pit. 


Happy Digging!




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