Maya The Australian Cattle Dog

Written by Melissa Viera

Meet Maya a blue Australian Cattle Dog. Bred as cattle herders, these dogs are known for being intelligent and having high-energy.  Like most cattle dogs Maya enjoys having a job to do, and activities to keep her busy.  After a day of play and exercise Maya also enjoys some downtime.

Maya’s favorite toys include her Blue Nubby Ball which she has had since she was just a pup. She also enjoys playing with her Jolly Ball especially with friends.  Maya loves going for walks and rides in her van. She is adventurous, and would much rather participate in all activities than lounge around.

Maya is a loving dog who is not afraid to show her affection. Her friends are lucky enough to receive her gentle “hugs” where she will rub on you, and lean into you for a good pet.  She also loves to have her belly rubbed.

Currently Maya is working on obstacle and agility training which gives her an opportunity to burn off energy and engage her mind. Maya has learned to complete many obstacles, but especially seems to enjoy running through the tunnel.  After a few runs with Maya it is time to change up the course to keep her mind engaged, and keep the game interesting.  She is also learning how to perform tricks.  Maya performs her obstacles like a pro, but she also has a silly side making for a fun time of training and laughing with her.




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