Muffin Tin Game

Written by Melissa Viera


This brain game will have your dog's tail wagging while they use their scenting abilities to find hidden treats. You don't need much to play this game with your dog, and it can be set up very quickly.


 Ready to give it a try?


You Will Need:

A Muffin Tin

Tennis Balls 

Tasty Dog Treats

To start place treats in every hole of the muffin tin and cover the holes with tennis balls. Encourage your dog to find the food, but try to avoid cheating! Let your dog figure out how to get to the food by moving the tennis balls. Encourage and praise your dog! 


Once your dog has the idea you can try different things like putting the treat in only a few of the holes, and than in only one, so your dog can find the hidden treat. Sometimes surprise your dog by going back to putting the treats in all of the holes! 

This game is not just for dogs. Cats can play too! For small dogs and cats try using a mini cupcake pan with small lightweight toy balls to cover the holes. 




Let us know if your dog enjoyed this game in the comments below! 

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