Release Cues

Some behaviors have a very clear start and finish to them. If you ask your dog to rollover for example, usually one complete roll is expected, but what about behaviors that do not have an official end to them? 

If you ask your dog to sit should they sit for one second? One minute? 

Your dog will only learn to hold stays once they learn to wait for a release cue. 

A release cue will let your dog know that they are finished, and they can break out of the stay or wait.  Just like all of our cue words the release cue should be a very clear cue that is not used already for another behavior. For example, if you already use "up" to tell your dog to jump up into the car than you should not use "up" as a release cue also. 

What are some common release cues?

All Done




Okay (only if you do not commonly use this already)








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