Sooth Your Dog's Dry Coat

Dry Coat?

After a weekend of playing out in the yard and with the changing of seasons, my English Cocker Spaniela’s coat was starting to feel dry and brittle. His long, flowing coat, shouldn’t look dull or have a dry feel to it. To put the shine back in his coat and make him soft as a plush animal, I gave him a massage with dead sea mineral mud, but there are other things you can do at home to freshen up your pet’s coat as well if you are faced with this problem.

If your pet’s coat need’s some extra TLC try these out:

Let them soak in conditioner with a warm towel over them

Remove dead undercoat with a gentle brush out

Deep condition while massaging and blow out

Comb With conditioner or instead of combing a dry coat


Sometimes it’s totally fine to spoil your pets. At MJ’s we offer spa services like luxury massages with coat revitalizers. Ask us how a mud scrub can help you pet.

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