Why These Words from a Client Mean so Much

I want to share the nice words of one of our grooming clients (with her permission of course).

“Yes, no stress though, just do your thing so you both have fun.”

These few words mean so much to me and I will tell you why. These words are what the core of Positive Grooming is all about. While some dogs love grooming day, barking the whole way there, not every dog naturally enjoys grooming. It is important that groomers and pet owners work together to make sure that pets are having the best possible experiences in the salon.

When a pet is nervous of getting in the tub, having their nails trimmed or getting dried, there are things we can all do to help them. This is where training and conditioning come in! A nervous pet is not being a brat and they are not being stubborn, they are being fearful. Yes, there are times when pets will give their groomers a hard time for other reasons, but that is why every groomer should be trained in reading animals and know what to do for each reaction. Fear is fear and we believe that there is no reason to cause unnecessary fear in living creatures. They will show signs and it is up to us to listen.

This customer made my day by reminding me that she cares about her animal and her groomer. She reminded me that if her dog shows signs of stress (trusting my professional opinion on what that looks like), to stop grooming. She actually made me laugh telling me we could send her dog home half groomed as long as we are all happy. She knows that the relationship I have with her dog as her groomer is very important and she does not want me to damage it. She knows her dog can only handle so much grooming in one session and she respects that. She also reminded me that she would not be upset with me for knowing when her dog has had enough no matter where that left us grooming wise, in fact she would feel quite the opposite.

Thank you for these kind words. We did have fun and I know your dog will come running through the door next time with her tail wagging like she always does. Thank you to all of our customers for coming together to create such wonderful and positive experiences for animals. To me, this is Positive Grooming and I am so grateful for all the people that come together with a love of animals here at MJ’s. You all amaze me.

Have a wonderful day.


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