Bedlington Terrier Breed Highlights

For the groomer’s at MJ’s, breeds like the Bedlington are a groomer’s dream! The Bedlington Terrier is a unique breed to groom compared to other terriers. They do not have a hand-stripped coat like some of the other dogs in the terrier group. Breed standard grooming for Bedlingtons involves keeping the coat clean, and stain and tangle free between full grooms.


The face, tail, ears, and belly are done very short and the sides of the neck are also taken down when going for a breed standard style. The body is hand scissored and shaped to perfection.

The top of the skull of the Bedlington is carefully trimmed and shaped.

For a modified pet trim, Bedlingtons can be maintained in a number of styles including a modified show style that takes less scissoring to complete.

When it comes to training, Bedlingtons are said to be challenging at times, but like with every dog, training and bonding is a rewarding experience and the hard work pays off.

Do you or someone you know have a Bedlington Terrier? They are one of the less common breeds. If you want to share your Bedlington’s photo or story here on our blog, email for a chance to be featured.

Want to have the groomers at MJ’s groom your Bedlington Terrier or help you maintain a coat in great condition?


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