Puli: Breed Highlights

One thing that makes the Puli unique is their long, corded coat. Although they are not the only breed that can be kept in cords, they are one of only a handful. Puli’s are a medium-sized dog bred for herding. Like other herding breeds, they are energetic and need exercise and training.


What does it take to maintain the long, thick cords on a Puli? Grooming a Puli does not require the many tools we use to groom other breeds. In fact, the best tool for cords is the groomers fingers. Cords are separated on the dog piece by piece by hand and may be trimmed to shape or trimmed for shorter cords if preferred. The bathing and drying process for the cords is quite different than other dogs as well.


Although corded dogs might not be for everyone, keeping the breed true to their standard by maintaining healthy cords results in such a beautiful dog.


If you have been having trouble finding a groomer to help you work the cords of a Puli or another corded breed, look no more! We are more than happy to groom corded breeds at MJ’s Pet Training Academy. We also offer lessons to pet owners to show you grooming techniques.

Have a Puli or know someone that does? We would love to feature your dog. Send photos to info@mjspettrainingacademy.com

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