Sit for The Leash

Trick of the day might not seem like much of a trick at all, but it is an important skill that every dog can learn. If you have ever chased your dog around to put the leash on, or had trouble finding where to clip the leash when your excited dog won’t sit still, then this skill is for you!

Train your dog to sit and relax as you attach the leash. Go a step further and practice handling your dog’s collar, ears, and neck while they sit and relax. Teach your dog not to back up when you reach for them to attach the leash, but to default to a sit instead.

It won’t take long to train if you begin practicing right away and if you are consistent.

As always, have fun training your dog!

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with when it comes to training your dog. Need a Power Training Session? Want to join a group class? Or how about meet for a free eval? I would love to help you.


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