Go Between

Today’s trick will keep your dog out of the way and safely put in crowded situations. “Go-Between” is when your dog puts herself between your feet so that she has one leg on each side. This keeps her protected and out of the way in places like crowded waiting rooms or waiting ringside at a dog show. Your dog should remain in the position until you give a release cue. I use the word  “break.”

I use the between position as a third position for heeling position. There is right-side heeling, left-side heeling and between heeling. You can taken this behavior to advanced levels if you want to! It can be used both moving and stationary.

Your dog can learn to stand, sit, or lay while in the “between.”

Give it a try and the next time you are at the vet’s office checking in, cue your dog to go-between to keep them out of the way.

This trick will show off what a well-mannered dog you have!

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