Swing and Pivot

Today’s trick will help your dog learn body awareness and train their muscles and mind for making tight turns and pivots for obedience, rally-o, or canine freestyle. A lot of you have commented on Yuri’s “flip” into heel and his spunky tight turns. Getting your dog to move with you while in heel position or stationary and to move smoothly all starts with the foundations. With any dog learning advanced heelwork, starting with this foundation is something that I highly recommend.

It might seem easier to skip the foundations, but for a cleaner behavior with less mistakes, the beginning steps are everything.

Training your dog to “swing-in” and “pivot” which are just cues I use for turning in two different ways, all starts with a bucket.

  1. Train your dog paws up onto a bucket or another sturdy object. Keeping their front paws on the bucket in the beginning will help them learn to keep the front paws still and move their back end for pivoting.

  2. Train your dog to move their back feet and make full circles in both directions while the front paws remain on the bucket. This is new work for their muscles so limit the number of reps you do in a row and keep training sessions short.

  3. Train them to glue to your left side for traditional heeling. If you move out of place they move to get to your side while remaining on the bucket.

  4. When they are excellent at the above steps, move on to the ground work.

 Want to see this trick in action? I am having a free training demo on this skill, June 25th at 2:00pm.

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