Task Three: Stay and Walk Around

If you have been working on skills number one and two, then you are ready to further build on stay with some movement. Stepping away from your dog in a sit or down and standing in place is one way to work on duration (how long your dog holds the stay for), but there are a lot of other areas to train in order to have solid stays.

Skill number three on the MJ’s Skills Training Certificate is having your dog sit or down while you walk in a full circle around them. They should not pivot or turn as your cross behind them. To train this, begin to take steps towards your dog’s shoulder and mark/reward for them staying in position. Return to them to feed the reward. Practice this until your dog can hold the stay as you walk fully around them in both directions.

If your dog can do it, congratulations! The fun doesn’t stop there. You can begin adding more distance and distractions as your train. Before you know it, you will be doing Open level out of sight stays.

Keep up the great work!

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30 Second Stays (Tasks One and Two)