You Get What You Reward!

This post is taken from the complete course material for MJ's Training Foundations (Self-study).

You get what you reward!

There are many different types of rewards you an use while training your dog. Food is a quick and easy reward to use for the food motivated dog, but it should not be the only reward. When training, look at the whole relationship you have with your dog and incorperate play, games and praise into training. 

The behaviors that you reward, are the ones that your dog will repeat. This rule applies to unwanted behaviors as well. If you give your dog attention, even negative attention, when he puts his paws on you during dinner time, he will likely do it again. This is why we teach dogs what to do instead and give our attention to them when the desired behaviors happen. 

Reward desired behaviors. 

Examples of Rewards:

High value treats that your dog loves like meat for example

Basic treats or even regular kibble

A game of tug

Chasing a ball

A chance to run

A chance to sniff

A fun behavior or trick after a less interesting behavior

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