Force Free and Food Free Training

It is often said in the dog training community that an excellent trainer, one with great timing and techniques, does not need to use force. Force free trainers do not use physical and psychological intimidation. With all that we now know about dogs and modern science we now know just how wrong it is to train them using harsh and painful methods. This is not a post about the four quadrants of Operant Conditioning and the when, how and why to use reward vs punishment. This is simply a post to challenge your thinking and challenge your skills.

If you are reading this, chances are you agree that positive is the way to go, but can rewards cause stress just as punishment does? Positive trainers must have excellent skills. They need to know when, how and why they are rewarding dogs and be careful not create dogs that think they have to constantly seek out rewards.

Using food in training is a great in terms of paying the dogs, but you have to know how to help your dog learn to love to participate in training and enjoy working. A great trainer most certainly does not need to use force but they can also interact with dogs that they are working with without relying on a pocket full of cookies. Yes, it can be done.  Relationship training and natural communication will help dogs become participants in training and day-to-day life. We owe it to our animals to work at living peacefully with them and helping them understand our rules without casing them stress.

Do you want to train your dog a few basics or take your training to a new level? I want to help you and your dog throughout all life stages and teach you how to have a controlled and happy dog even without a pocket full of cookies. You can train your dog in a positive way without the use of force and without always having food on you, but in order to train at this level, you must build a solid foundation. If you want to train at the next level, please let me know during our phone consultation because I will send you some advanced tools and help you get there. Not everyone wants to get to that level and dive into behavior. I am here to help you, in a way that works best for you and your goals. Let’s talk!

Tip for Training Without Treats

Tip for Training Without Treats

You Get What You Reward!