Reward Delivery and Advanced Obedience

Reward Delivery and Advanced Obedience

Poor reward delivery will ultimately change the behavior or performance. This is especially true for heel work. As you and your dog are moving, whether your hand is by your side or centered on your body as permitted in AKC rules, if your dog sees a series of motions as you reach for a treat, your dog's focus will shift from being motivated with heeling to looking for a treat.

Even while using a marker, you should have very quick and smooth reward delivery. 

If your goal is precision and to train or compete without treats, the way you deliver them during training matters.

Practice and Perfect following:

The Flash: a quick delivery of a treat where the hand returns to correct position...yes, I made this term up.

Release to Reward Station:The dog works around a bowl of food or toys and runs to get a reward when released.

Roll and Search: The handler tosses the treat and tells the dog it's ok to go chase it.

There are many more types of reward delivery, and you will probably come up with some of your own.

Your reward delivery will make all the difference. If you don't feel confident working your dog through obedience exercises without any type of treat in your hand or pocket, go back to the basics and pay close attention to your reward delivery. If it's messy, if you lure constantly or if your dog just isn't enjoying the game itself, you will get stuck as you advance.

Well trained and socialized, companion dogs have jobs. A part of the MJ's Pet Training Academy mission is to encourage family involved dog training. Train your dog every day and give your dog something to look forward to with you. Nothing compares to the bond you will build through training. Obedience, scent work, tracking, whatever it may be give your dog a job! 


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