Workshop Announcement: Cooperative Nail Care

Workshop Announcement: Cooperative Nail Care

Practice several techniques for helping your dog to cooperate for nail trimming, nail care and paw handling. Whether you trim your dog's nails yourself or bring your dog to a groomer, this is an important skill for every dog. Through choice games, play, and training challenges, your dog can learn to cooperate for nail care. 

-Prevent aggressive behavior, fear, and stress related to nail care or begin grooming rehabilitation if your dog is already afraid of nail trims. 

-Learn what length dog's nails should be kept. You may be surprised.

-Learn how to use play and games to keep your dog motivated for training time.

-Begin training several behaviors for nail trims with training challenges for you to take home. 

-Get the facts on nail care. 

A Positive Groomer Workshop

Workshop Price: $45.00

September 20th 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Request your enrollment below. Payment link and details will be emailed to you.

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