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All of the courses listed below are 6 week courses. The price for each course is $139.00. To reserve your spot in a course, please complete your registertration form and pruchase your chosen course.

Puppy Skills Course

Learn how to help your puppy adjust to the rules of the home. Your puppy will practice polite and calm behaviors while you learn about puppy socialization, preventing behavioral problems, what to do about unwanted behaviors and more. This is an important time for young puppies. Finding the right balance of exercise, rest, socialization and training will help your puppy reach his or her potential. Don’t let bad habits form and help your pup become your dream dog by starting now.

Dog Skills Course Level One (Manners and Obedience)

Whether you have a new dog, you are revisiting the basics, or you have realized that your dog could use some training, this class will help. Learn how to help your dog make good choices, pay attention to you and remain calm and focused while practicing polite manners and obedience. This class is not for reactive or aggressive dogs or more serious behavioral concerns. Please ask us about private lessons if you think your dog might not be ready for a group class yet.

Scent Detection Games

Give your dog a mental workout with detection dog games. This course was created to provide enrichment and a job for dogs. Have fun while training your dog to sniff and search. We will focus on following the rules of AKC Scent Work, but the purpose of this class is to have fun and it is not a formal competition prep course. Please be prepared to work indoors and outdoors in all weather and to travel to locations away from the academy on occasion.

Trick Courses

Have fun with your dog by training and performing a variety of tricks and stunts. MJ’ specializes in trick training for everyday use (tasks that your dog can help you with to keep his or her brain busy) as well as advanced tricks, stunts, routines, and performances.

Intermediate Courses

After completing introductory courses or private training, intermediate courses provide a smooth transition between beginner and advanced skills. Choose the track that best suits you and your dog or try all three!

Intermediate Skills: Pet Track

Further advance your dogs’ manners and life skills. Each week we tackle a new topic. These are the skills pet dogs need to know.

Intermediate Skills: Obedience Track

Train your dog with precision. Topics include heelwork both on and off leash, stand for exam, figure 8, recalls, stays, as well as an introduction to dumbbell work and signal discrimination. If you plan to continue training after completing the basics, you will want to take this obedience class for clean and precise behaviors as well as excellent handling skills.

Intermediate Skills: Sports tRACK

Every dog needs a job! Have fun with your dog training for a mix-up of sports and tricks. This course covers targeting, distance work, pivot work, tricks, parkour, games and more.

Heelwork for Obedience and Freestyle

Train your dog a reliable heel for sports or for fun. Heelwork requires precision and a motivated dog. We will help you achieve a beautiful heel without boring your dog. Yes, your dog can choose you over the environment even in the ring where treats are not allowed.

Advanced Obedience and Sports

Advanced classes are a fun way to practice a variety of obedience exercises and sports for dog training enthusiasts working towards a high level of training. These classes are open to those who complete beginner and intermediate classes. Your dog must meet the minimum requirements for advanced classes. See your instructor for more information.