Q: What is better for my dog - group or private training? 

A: Group training gives your dog the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a small class setting, while private training addresses your individual needs and concerns with lessons designed specifically for you.  We encourage students to do a combination of both classes and lessons.  We are happy to help you get started choosing your classes and lessons. 

Q: How old does my puppy need to be to get started? 

Q: Do you offer advanced obedience training? 

A: We can take you and your dog as far as you want to go. In fact, it is our passion to help you achieve success, even at the most advanced levels. For advance level obedience exercises and training, we provide private training programs. 

Q: I have never attended a training class, and have no training experience. Is this right for me? 

A: Don't worry if this is all new to you. We welcome both new and experienced dog owners at all levels. We provide a fun, non-competitive environment where everyone can enjoy learning and training. 

Q: My dog already knows the basics, but I am looking for something fun we can do together. Can you help?    

A: We highly encourage getting involved in activities to provide your pet with enrichment. We offer a variety of enrichment classes that you and your dog can enjoy together. 

Q: Do I need to provide any documents before using your services?

A: We require proof of all age-appropriate vaccines including a copy of your dog's rabies certificate. If you have any questions about required vaccinations, please get in touch. Vaccine records can be mailed, emailed, or provided in person. 



A: Our positive methods can be used with even the youngest of pups. We do require that your puppy has been home for at least three weeks, is up to date on age appropriate vaccines and has been cleared by your vet before starting at the academy. 

Q: I recently adopted an older dog. Is it too late to begin training? 

A: Of course not! Old dogs can learn new tricks too! Whether your older dog needs better manners and obedience, or just needs more enrichment, training will be a great activity for them!

Q: My dog is blind/deaf/special needs, can I still train?

A: Yes! We have experience working with both blind and deaf dogs and have creative solutions for providing them with an enriching training experience.

Q: What type of training do you do? 

A: We focus on training for companion dogs and provide training in both group and private  settings. A few examples of things we can help you with include: obedience, puppy training, leash training, house training, pet manners, behavioral concerns, heelwork, distraction work and proofing, tricks and other activities, and enrichment. We also offer workshops and custom lessons on many different areas. 

Q: Do you use clickers? 

A: We utilize different types of markers in training these include things like marker words, clickers, sounds, and gestures. A marker is used to tell an animal exactly what they did to earn a reward. For more about clicker training check out the article Getting Started With Clicker Training

Q: I am not sure my dog is trainable, can you help?

A: We have helped dogs with all different types of issues and from all backgrounds, and we want to help your dog too! Don't worry if your dog is a "wild child," that is what we are here for!