Grooming with a POSITIVE Approach


Dog and cat grooming you can feel good about. 

MJ’s provides full-service dog and cat grooming by appointment only as well as coat conditioning plans and grooming programs for regular coat maintenance.

Our Positive Grooming helps animals have relaxing and enjoyable grooming experiences. While grooming your pet, we are paying close attention to your pet’s body language and comfort.

We now start all new clients with an intake process so we can best get to know your pet before the first grooming appointment.


Grooming Services 


Bubble Bath Package

Included in the Bubble Bath Package is a nail trim and buff, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and a luxury bath and conditioning along with fluff or de-shed drying of the coat. You pet will love the massaging scrub from head to tail.

Grooming Packages

Your pet will enjoy everything included with the Bubble Bath Package, plus trimming, styling and clipping. Our groomers are happy to provide breed standard trims, clean clips, show coat conditioning, personality trims, and Asian fusion styling. Not sure which style is best for your pet? We are more than happy to choose a style for you as well.

Spa and Addtional Services

Hand stripping for terriers and sporting breeds

Dead Sea Mineral Scrub

Arthritis and Muscle Soak

Paw Treatment and Paw Balm

Flea and Tick Bath

Blueberry Body Scrub and Massage

Blueberry Facial