Grooming with a POSITIVE approach

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Availability for new customer appointments is limited. We will be in touch with the earliest opening, but please be patient as this may take up to a few weeks.

Cooperative and fear-free pet care are becoming increasingly well-known in the pet care industry. This is an exciting time for the pet care industry because pet care professionals and pet owners are teaming up to provide animals with nothing but the best care. Grooming should never be scary! 

At MJ’s Pet Training Academy,  we provide Positive Grooming services. We always put the needs and comfort of animals first.

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Before we begin grooming your dog or cat, it is important that we learn about your individual animal.

Are we the groomers for you?

We want to help your pet enjoy the grooming process. We are happy to provide personality styles, hand stripping, breed standard trims, and personality trims for pets that are comfortable.

Pets that are aggressive, fearful, or difficult to groom may need a rehabilitation program. We are happy to assist. We will not force grooming on an animal if we feel it causes the animal stress or puts the animal or the groomer in danger.

If you would like to add extras like ear wraps or towel blankets after your dog’s groom, please discuss this with your groomer. We are glad to help! For coat care programs, please ask about our custom options.

Our groomers provide detailed work with a positive approach. We want every pet to leave MJ’s feeling amazing!