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Host a custom workshop at your next event!


Through private training and small semi-private classes we can help you with obedience, problem-solving, manners, and even tricks and sports. Whether you want to learn how to raise your new puppy, train your dog to listen better or teach complex tricks and behaviors, we are here to help.  

A few examples of things we can help you with:

  • Choice Training: Training dogs how to choose to offer polite behavior and focus even with distractions.

  • Puppy Training

  • Manners and Obedience

  • Heelwork

  • Trick Training

  • Enrichment   

  • Confidence Building

  • Behavior Modification

  • Solid Stays and Recalls

  • Dumbell Retrieve

  • Grooming Rehabilitation 


Attend one of our upcoming courses with your puppy or dog.



We host a variety of workshops and custom courses for both pet owners, professional trainers, and professional groomers. All of our workshops have unique prerequisite requirements, duration, and fees. 

Custom workshops must be reserved anywhere from 3 to 12 months in  advance depending on the location and attendance.

Workshops, Seminars and Events

  • Tricks for Grooming

  • Positive Grooming for salons

  • Trick Training

  • Target Training Games

  • Custom Workshops


 Provide a "job" for your dog

We believe every dog should have a job. When dogs have a job and a purpose, negative behavior starts to decrease. Every dog and every family is unique. Training just for the purpose of training might feel like a chore, but wouldn't it be fun to teach your dog to retrieve your keys, find hidden items, be a partner to the kids while they do their homework, or get the mail? We include tricks and tasks in most of our training so you and your dog and can have fun while learning more than just the basics. Your dog is a part of the family. We are here to help you find new ways to invovle your dog in activities.