Happy Clients

"Melissa is a wonderful trainer and has helped our dog Smudge become a great household member. She is patient and caring. Our dog loves to go to doggie day training and is learning how to dance. We recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced trainer. Additionally, we use her to groom all three of our Goldens. Smudge, Moby and Nemo give Melissa two paws up."
-Kellie, New Bedford MA

"Bandit (my service puppy) and I attended a training session with Melissa Sunday, September 17, 2017.  It was very informative for me and Bandit listened to Melissa with no problem and did what he was asked to do (most of the time, LOL).  I am going to schedule more training classes with Melissa since we both like her very much and he will be a very smart service Chihuahua puppy there is."

-Maureen Vincent

"I brought my dog to MJ's for grooming and she is very hesitant and nervous in new environments. Bathing and blow-drying are usually her least favorite activities but with Melissa's calm energy and caring attention she settled down quickly and came home looking adorable and smelling great! We will definitely be going back!"
-Beth, New Bedford MA


"Wally and Gidgette love MJ's from obedience classes, scent games, open gym, grooming services and of course their favorite day training! Melissa offers small group day training with similar sized dogs which is very important to me since my little guy has back issues. Melissa's positive, calm attitude towards the dogs is absolutely by no means her greatest gift. She really takes the time to get to know the dogs, their personalities and their comfort zone and works with them on any areas where they need improvement. All while doing this she is keeping them engaged in a various number of fun activities. Gidgette came to us as a rescue who was very hesitant about new places and items. Thanks to Melissa she is now a very confident girl! Her jumping out of excitement, nervousness with new surrounds and other dogs has greatly improved. She loves playing with her friends and of course beauty day at MJ's! Wally has completely come out of his shell since attending day training. He is now very confident and social! Huge success since Wally always felt the need to bark when he was uncomfortable. He loves all the equipment Melissa has at her facility and absolutely enjoys spending time with his friends at MJ's! I can't thank Melissa enough for taking such great care of Wally and Gidgette and providing them with a safe environment where they can learn and grow."
-Leslie, Fairhaven MA


"My experience with grooming at MJ's was exceptional. She was great with accepting our last second appointment, and still gave us top notch service. Not to mention, she was great with handling my puppy for her first grooming session! Will definitely return!" 
-Alyssa, Glens Falls NY


"Rolex my 7 month std poodle and I had our 1st class tonight with Melissa's positive coaching. Rolex responded quickly to clicker treat training. Thank you Melissa for the great instructions."
-Roy, Owner of Roy-L Groomingdales Centerville MA


"Melissa has been a fantastic resource and educator when it came to training our Golden Retriever puppy, Tuukka. Tuukka is a bundle of energy, but Melissa has taught my husband and I how to regain his focus and harness that energy into tricks and other activities that we can enjoy together. Tuukka absolutely loves going to MJ's Pet Training facility both for training and for the special events she hosts, such as open gym. Now, Tuukka and our other dog, Gadget are regular grooming clients as well. Gadget is 12 years old, arthritic, diabetic and losing her eyesight, so not many people can handle her appropriately. Melissa is one the very few people who Gadget trusts and you can literally tell on her little face that she is so happy on grooming day each month. We'll be life long fans of MJ's!"
-Beth, Assonet MA


"It has been wonderful watching Melissa grow in her pursuit and dedication toward humane force free training.  I am always excited to see what she is doing with her students and dogs under her care. Melissa is patient, empathetic to both two and four legged client, and truly understands how animals learn. The journey she has taken to running her own successful training and grooming business is impressive. I am proud to call her a friend as well as an amazing training colleague."
-Ann Golding KPA-CTP, Beverly Hills, Florida
Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
BFA in Art Education
APDT C.L.A.S.S Instructor
Wag-It Games Instructor