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Just about every behavior we train our dogs can be considered a trick. There are tricks we use during grooming like the focus target, tricks that help with every day manners like running to a place when the doorbell rings and advanced tricks like backing up across a room and performing a chain of a behaviors from a distance, jump roping, and many others.

Trick training is fun!
Not only does trick training challenge you and your dog, it is a lot of fun!

Trick training gives dogs a job!
Tricks are a great way to give your dog a job and provide enrichment. Your dog can even learn to help you out on a daily basis by doing things like picking up dropped items.

Earn Titles and Compete

Trick titles are awarded through Do More With Your Dog as well as the American Kennel Club. Live Stunt Dog Competitions are held all over. Whether you want to compete or just have some fun, we include title assistance with trick courses. Earn your dog’s frameable certificate!