Training, Enrichment, and Grooming for Southcoast pETS





"Wally and Gidgette love MJ's from obedience classes, scent games, open gym, grooming services and of course their favorite day training! Melissa offers small group day training with similar sized dogs which is very important to me since my little guy has back issues. Melissa's positive, calm attitude towards the dogs is absolutely by no means her greatest gift. She really takes the time to get to know the dogs, their personalities and their comfort zone and works with them on any areas where they need improvement. All while doing this she is keeping them engaged in a various number of fun activities. Gidgette came to us as a rescue who was very hesitant about new places and items. Thanks to Melissa she is now a very confident girl! Her jumping out of excitement, nervousness with new surrounds and other dogs has greatly improved. She loves playing with her friends and of course beauty day at MJ's! Wally has completely come out of his shell since attending day training. He is now very confident and social! Huge success since Wally always felt the need to bark when he was uncomfortable. He loves all the equipment Melissa has at her facility and absolutely enjoys spending time with his friends at MJ's! I can't thank Melissa  enough for taking such great care of Wally and Gidgette and providing them with a safe environment where they can learn and grow.

  -Leslie, Fairhaven MA

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